Our Kailua

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While the small town of Kailua is known for its top ranked beaches, crowded brunch spots, and breathtaking mountain views, having been born and raised in this gentle beach town, we have grown to appreciate the hidden gems that this town has to offer. From the early morning strolls down Kailua beach just before the clusters of excited visitors arrive, to cruising in the backyard while the kids jump in and out of the sprinkler, Kailua town truly holds a special place in our hearts. Growing up here, we fell in love with the simple things; the morning showers that give life to our plants, waving 'Hi' to fellow runners down Kainalu Drive, letting drivers make the left hand turn out of the old Macy's parking lot with a shaka, and grabbing a poke bowl at Foodland on our way to the beach. 


Whether you are stopping by while waiting for lunch at Maui Tacos, coming in to cool off after body surfing at Kalama Beach, or spending the day shopping for the perfect outfit, we at Global Village want to share the love we have for our town with you. Through our collection of original designed apparel, locally made jewelry, and customer service that truly exemplifies the Aloha Spirit, we welcome you to our Kailua.