Better to Give

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Global Village Kailua values the importance of giving back to the community.  We are inspired by the Hawaiian proverb, “‘A’ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia” meaning “No task is too big when done together by all”.  By contributing to local non-profit organizations, we are able to support them in their missions to protect our environment, educate our youth, and promote the understanding of mental illness.  We have raised money through programs such as our recyclable bag program and have donated over $35,000 to select local non-profits. In addition to monetary donations, we are proud to participate in community events totaling over 300 volunteer hours each year.

Global Village Kailua also provides mentorship experiences to student interns throughout the year in collaboration with Sacred Hearts Academy, Assets High School, and Kamehameha Schools in hopes of inspiring the future leaders of Hawai’i.  We also participate in Ko'olau Clubhouse's Transitional Employment program, working with people with mental illness to help transition them into the work force and improve their quality of life. 

Please support us in our mission of bettering our community by donating to one of the local non-profit organizations listed below. Click the organization name to help support one of our community partners in their various missions to improve upon the future of our home. Together we can make a difference.

We are Proud to Work With 


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